To The Richard T. Crane Class of 2002...

Dear Crane Class of 2002,


Where has the time gone? We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to plan our 20th Year Class Reunion. The entire committee is dedicated to delivering an extravagant event worth your time and attendance. This experience has been nothing less than rewarding. It’s truly been an honor.

Our committee has learned a lot from you and about you. It seems like yesterday that we walked across the stage and earned our diploma. Thinking back 20 years we all had hopes, dreams, and goals. Look at us now! Some of us took the road of continuing education, some of us entered career fields immediately following high school, and others opted to become entrepreneurs. Regardless of the roads taken, we are all here to speak of life’s experiences and journeys.

As time approaches and the date draws near, those same butterflies will build up, similar to a first job interview. We thank you for this privilege and we appreciate our fellow classmates for trusting in us to present a long lasting and memorable celebration. Without further ado, let us get “Glitz and Glammed” ladies and gentleman!

See you all June 24th & 25th 


With Love & Excitement,

20th Year Reunion Planning Committee